Monday, May 16, 2011

Vegan for a month

Now that spring is in full swing, Nick and I have decided that our bodies needed some renewal as well! So taking on Bonzai Aphrodite's Monthly Mission for May, we are trying to cleanse by forgoing all meat and dairy! (she is doing all RAW!)

Here is what we have been eating for our first Vegan week...

My everyday breakfast - oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, and molasses. This is what I eat normally, but I have made it vegan by using almond milk (yum!) and EarthBalance "butter"

green smoothies and veggie juice too!

Lunches have included veggie sandwiches made with various spreads. We also found some yummy burritos that totally count from a new Local restaurant!

I have been doing a lot of cooking (not normal!) and am having fun experimenting with new recipes! Although it has been a challenge when I am pressed for time, trying not to fall back on old habits (hello, lets just go out for pizza :P)

Monday was so rushed, so we had a not completely cooked version of this Lentil Quinoa recipe (not wouldn't want it to be!)

I tried Bonzai's Vegan Mac n' Cheeze , and though it doesn't taste like the traditional mac, it is BETTER and so YUMMY! I used gluten free pasta, a very comforting dish (much needed when you've got a baby with an ear infection in the house!).

Another success was Nick's portobello burgers last night....enjoyed with a small glass of Victoria with lime and salt....ah :)

One night we cheated because a good friend lured us with chicken enchiladas....she is such. a. good. cook. couldn't pass it up :/

Other than that there has been lots and lots of snacks, dry fruit, nuts, chips and homemade salsa (one day I will get his recipe), it is hard to stay full, but its kinda nice to have this problem! eat eat eat ;)

I feel great so far, much lighter. I find myself avoiding my classic traps, chocolate and ice cream mainly, its good to take a break.

So this is my story for the next three weeks......we will see how our upcoming vacation to Cali goes! I am determined!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Second Season Gardening

Thanks to all of Nick's hard work....our second season of gardening has begun :D

A bit bigger than last year, and a lot more organized!

Kai got in on the action too!

Hmmm....I wonder how it tastes?

So lovely seeing green! What do you have growing??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Veggie Juicing

I have always wanted to make veggie juice....but never had a juicer to do so...luckily I am silly and thanks to fellow blogger Sayward at Bonzai Aphrodite I now know that I do not need one!! woo!!

Here is my version of her tutorial

mmmm...fresh veggies....I used leftover Kale, cucumber, carrot, and an orange

Throw them all in the food processor with some water (I added some orange juice also)

and take them for a spin ;)

dump it all in cheese cloth (or like material) over a big bowl

and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! (just when you think you have gotten all the juice, squeeze some more!)

pour in to a glass (a funnel is helpful, but I don't have I lost a bit in the pour :( )

and omg....YUM! and ZING!

be sure to save the pulp (I am going to add it to our sunday muffins this week)

and LOOK, even big kids like it :D

in fact he liked it so much that he was in much distress when I told him I drank the rest - so we made do with a quick version with strawberries...

I feel great, kiddo loves it.....I think I'm convinced!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Its Official....

I'm a soccer mom! yikes!

He was so proud

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Muffins

What better way to spend sunday morning than in our pj's makin muffins?!?

Kiddo loves to hold and crack the egg, he has discovered what can happen to a dropped egg...therefore handles them very carefully now!

He also practices being a scientist.....look how the liquid changes mom! (after we pour in the oil)

and I get one on one time with Kiddo and breakfast at the same time....YUM!

Gluten Free Banana Mini Muffins....comin right up :D