Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting ready for The Babe

I do think it's high time for an update don't you?!?

So happy to report that we are now 38 weeks along and doing great! I am gearing up by doing lots of sewing and crocheting for this little one....here is what I have so far....

We are cloth diapering again, so most of the crafting has been diaper related

Here are the crocheted bits so far, two wool soakers/diaper covers. I used the Tickle Turdle Wrap Pattern

I am converting 20....yes 20...prefold diapers into fitted diapers....

I found the best little Kimono Wrap by Habitual, and thought it would be perfect paired with some wool longies for The Babe's first outfit!

(The Kimono is an upcycled pillow case....very soft....and the longies are an upcycled merino wool sweater!)

My very own version of this sleeper (also made from the same upcycled sweater as the longies!). Do I see a tutorial in the very near future?!?

We have gotten all our supplies together for our homebirth as well, here we are trying out the birth pool (ok....its a kiddie pool...but it'll work!)

More on the Henna and Belly Art later!