Friday, June 11, 2010

Sewing for Kiddo (Boys Tank Top Tutorial)

Can I tell you how hard it is to find tutorials for cute boys clothes out there!! I had an urge to make a simple tank top for the kiddo after work, and I only found ONE! and to be honest.....I had a hard time understanding the sizing....hmn

Sooo I decided that I could do this on my own!! I know I am very empowered right :D

Here's my process.....any suggestions will be well received!

I started out with a favorite tank of kiddo's, folded it in half, and cut around (the fabric is a thrifted pillow case)

With extra cut at the bottom and sides for seam allowance

Cut two of those on the fold (and cut about 1/2 an inch more out of the neck line to leave room for the bias binding)

Make bias binding for neck and arm holes, mine turned out to be 2 1/2 in x 18 in

**Edit for the bias binding**

I was corrected by my mother.....bias binding should be cut at a 45 degree angle...thus making it "on the bias" so that it will stretch! Like this or this

Thanks Mom!! I was wondering why it was a tight squeeze over his head!!

Sew the right sides of one of the shoulder seams together (just one!)

Pin RIGHT side of binding to the WRONG side of the neck hole and sew together
(I dont have a fancy binding maker and this way works out best for me)

Here is another explanation

Once that side is sewn, flip the garment over, then make sure the bias binding is folded so you can see the wrong side facing up. Fold the binding in half like so

Fold binding again, this time over the seam, and pin all along the neck hole (covering the exposed seam)

Top stitch close to edge of the binding (sewing through binding and garment fabric

Repeat this binding process for the arm hole under the shoulder seam already sewn together

Sew the other shoulder seam together and repeat binding process for that armhole

Sew down the sides of the garment (I like to start at the arm hole and sew down)

Fold over the bottom edge 3/8 in and then fold over again 1/2 in, pin, and sew

(funny how the light changed on this last photo....its a totally different color!)

Enjoy watching your little one play in their nice, cool, summer top!

Let me know if you try it :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Color of Home - Living Room (plus demolition fun!)

Warm, natural colors and lots of light fill the main living space in our home.......

Toys included of course....

This great 60's "Danish Modern" couch we found at a local antique market! Lucky find.......all thats needed is a little reupholstering job to make it perfect.....I have time....I promise!

We used Olympic's Zero VOC line of odor and amazing color selection!
(this advertisement not paid for by Olympic......but I wish it had been!)

aaand here is a sneak peek of some demolition starting at our house.....finally!!! This is just the beginning ;)

I was envious of all the fun hubby was having tearing up our detached "casita"

Kiddo desperately wanting to help too....

and without this special man (my very own daddio) much of this would not be possible! yay for family!

Whew....I get exhausted just watching them....

We are trying our best to find used construction materials over at our local ReStore and whenever we can we will donate our usable materials right back!