Friday, July 31, 2009

Green Tip: Save Gas and Get a Great Ass!

This was the title of a Craigslist add that really stuck in my head......and if you ride a bike.....they are both true!

So what is my bike of choice?? Well.....

Its a beautiful Vintage French bike,

Found at Goodwill for $25, and tricked out by my good ol' Daddio!

I love the details on this bike....complete with mud from yesterday's rain!

Why else do I love this bike......its light, and its got a coaster break!

Oh yeah, and kiddo loves it too ;)

So get out there and ride! The more the better :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Splish Splash!

Seems like I have seen many many posts this summer about seaside fun...some examples are here and here

I was beginning to get a bit jealous when I realized we too have a special place to cool off even in the middle of the desert!!

It may not be the beach.....and it has not been renovated in, well, never.....but most of my summers were spent here as a kid, and its looking like my kiddo might grow up here as well :)

What special place helps you through the summer??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Woman Vs. Machine

I fought with 3....count em' 3....sewing machines this weekend, and they won!

One was my Singer Touch and Sew thread breakage.

Next up, my Moms Singer....bottom thread bunching and jamming.

Finally, my Dads most of the way through my project...then jamming and top thread breakage!

Boy did I try everything to fix these problems, but sometimes you just have to tap out!

and no, I did not take any photos....but here is a sneak peak of the project that had these machines stumped...

I will not throw in the towel! Next opponent.......Heavy Duty Upholstery Machine!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pea Pod Purse

Remember this pretty fabric? Well I finally turned it into something!

I am proud to announce my first blog contest winner, AnnMarie, received this pretty spring/summer purse.

The pattern is the Pea Pod Purse from Ottobre Design! Thanks!

Made from reclaimed fabric, this purse is very "green" includes a zipper pocket on one side and two sizes of open pockets on the other.

I gained two valuable sewing skills during the process, how to sew binding and invisible zippers (on a curved seam mind you!)

No worries Jessica....yours is coming soon!!