Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chalk Painting

We enjoyed the plentiful rain last night!

Afterwards we did one of our favorite things......painting with chalk on the wet cement!

Chalk does amazing things when wet :)

A wonderful mess indeed!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Fun (and tutorial)

Love and apreciation to all the Fathers, Daddy's, Papa's, Daddio's, Pai's, Babba's, Pop's, Papi's, Padre's, and Tatah's out there!

For our own special Daddio, a Mini-Quilt to represent their special bond.

The idea came from Roots and Wings Co., follow the link for the tutorial as well!

I made a few changes to her version,

First I added my husbands hand above kiddo's, so it would look as if he is reaching up for him :)

Then instead of using batting I added a scrap of fleece I had to the back,

and finally added a border of contrasting fabric to the top and bottom to tie it all together!

I have to say....he was quite pleased!

Love you!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I heart vacation!

Oh to be off work for a week and a half! (and then take another week and a half to recover and begin posting again!!)

Some of the highlights....

Camping with a toddler experiment, which ended in getting rained out (note the stormy clouds in the background)

Dancing with some of the best African Dance instructors in the world (separate post about this later!)

A baseball game under a classic NM sunset

Finally getting a chance to start one of the the highly anticipated gifts.....

....the pattern is cut and the interfacing fused!'s good to be back....