Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beginning this blogging adventure

I thought it would be appropriate to start off this blogging adventure with my first project completely done without using any pattern or guide! This was a simple gift that I made for wonderful friend and fellow crafter. She has yet to learn to crochet, but hopefully this will serve as motivation.
In the future I will be sure to photograph more of the process so other DIY's can use the idea!

My goal in starting this blog is to combine my passions, photography, crafting, and natural family living. I also wanted a place to blog about the day to day creativity of family and friends. Next project, my adaptation of an Advent Calendar. So stay tuned and enjoy!

1 comment:

Yesenia said...

hey, hey, hey- looking good! I love that my gift is the first post...although, right now I wish I could just get motivated to move beyond my beginner scarf knitting! All in time ;-)