Monday, May 11, 2009

DIY Pregnant Belly Chime

To the newest member of the Mothers Day tribe.......

A simple charm to soothe the baby inside

I originally wanted to buy this charm from Nova Natural Toys, but alas, I forgot :)

So I decided to be creative and visit my local bead store, Mama's Minerals, and create my own!

Super simple process, and beautiful results!!

Take four chimes and two small rings (the key chain type)

Connect the rings to the top of a pendant

Add the Hook and Eye on the back and voila! a beautiful gift for a mother to be!!

Enjoy beautiful Mama!


Daleann Terrell said...

What a beautiful idea. I have a friend expecting in August, and she has been extremely ill from the pregnanacy. I just might have to make her one of these to cheer her up. Thanks for the idea! Keep 'em coming Olivia! ;O)

yesenia said...

I *heart* my belly chimes. I've already gotten so many compliments walking around jinglingling. A soothing familiar sound when the little one arrives!