Monday, July 13, 2009

Woman Vs. Machine

I fought with 3....count em' 3....sewing machines this weekend, and they won!

One was my Singer Touch and Sew thread breakage.

Next up, my Moms Singer....bottom thread bunching and jamming.

Finally, my Dads most of the way through my project...then jamming and top thread breakage!

Boy did I try everything to fix these problems, but sometimes you just have to tap out!

and no, I did not take any photos....but here is a sneak peak of the project that had these machines stumped...

I will not throw in the towel! Next opponent.......Heavy Duty Upholstery Machine!

1 comment: said...

i just hate when it seems like the machine is out to get you! but the thing that makes my blood boil is when the top thread slips out of the needle before the first stitch. i've noticed that it almost always happens when i'm ready to sew a tricky spot. i usually want to scream, but since no one's ever around when i sew i just sigh and rethread.!