Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Tip: Pssst......This One is for the Ladies!

Ok, so I may be getting a bit personal here.....but really, every little day to day activity has an impact and deserves to be mentioned, don't you think?

So, here is my green tip for our most personal of business :)

The Diva Cup!

Have you heard of this??

Needless to say I have :) and so far it has saved over 1000 tampons or pads (and their boxes, wrappers, and containers) from being made and thrown away. Not to mention the nearly $200 I would have spent buying all that trash! I also never have rush to the store in an emergency situation :)

This is a fairly simply idea and it is explained in detail on the above website. Although it took a while to get used to, I am now an expert and it is as easy and comfortable as any other option.

If this does not fit your are some other products I will happily advertise ;)

Luna Pads

Glad Rags

Crocheted/Knitted Tampon??

haha....ok, I have never heard of the last one before today....but who knows it just may work for you!

1 comment:

jennifer said...

i've read about this, but haven't decided to go for it. however, since tampax changed their product, i've been at a loss to find something else i like. guess it's time.