Thursday, November 12, 2009

A hat for Grandma!

This year my grandmother turned 80, and I have never known her better! She has always lived a state over and I only saw her on holidays, but now she has moved close by! I see her everyday, I get to enjoy her stories, find out things she loves (patent leather shoes!), and give her hugs only a granddaughter can :)

During a recent conversation she said she needed a warm winter hat.....and I thought of a recent find that would be perfect for her! I described it and her face lit up..."you would make that for me?"

well, yes, and I did :)

Happy Birthday Grandma!

(and thanks to Cathrine over at YarnKat)


Carolina said...

What a great blog, Oli. It's almost a year since mi abue's passing and I miss her soooo much! No worries, I'm not sad because I make it a point to celebrate her life and think of her everyday. She had such a zest for living, loving, laughing! AND she too, had a thing for fashion including leather shoes!
I remember calling her at the hospital during her last days and I asked what she would like from 'the big city'. She immediately responded: "a knitted scarf, matching gloves and hat'...I saw some on tv and I really liked them". My sis and I got'em for her and though she didn't get to wear them (she didn't get to leave the hospital), they made her smile. I can assure you she would've loved the hat you knitted for your granny ;-)
I'm glad you get to see her more now and you have her close by. And please, next time you see her, give her a big hug from someone else's loving granddaughter.
Granny's Rock!

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