Tuesday, January 26, 2010

15 Minutes

Let me be honest....I have be quite overwhelmed lately....so I snuck in 15 minutes of quiet by the fire last night.

Ahhhhh, that helped.

My brain swirls with ideas sometimes....so maybe you guys won't mind me dumping some of them on you!

We are in the process of buying a house.....oh so exciting! but if you have bought a house you can sympathize, it takes over your whole life!

Here are some things that have been inspiring me (and keeping me up at night!)

I want these for my countertops....but they are pricey (maybe I can ask my dad to make some.....ehem, dad??)

Pegboard....I'm all over it!

Loving this space saving DIY bookshelf

Look at this simple idea!

I am going to try using (or maybe making?) Milk Paint :)

Along with all that....my first craft fair is coming up! Woah....what did I get myself into?? Although I found some fabulous fabric at the thrift store this weekend......can I tell you....I have a new obsession for pillow cases!

Whew! Thanks!

Whats inspiring you lately?

(oh! I just realized I need to change my banner o_0)

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