Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three - 30 Days of Beauty - Getting Outside!

Though the warm weather is not quite here yet......we have been pretending that it is!

Oh to have a nice walk outside, after being indoors all day :D

Basking in the sun..

Wondering....how much higher can I climb??

Taking notice (see the heart)

and a beautiful Sunset.....

and Moonrise all at the same time!

We are soooo ready for spring!!


Jillian said...

loving our friday 5:00 outings, lets keep them babies going!

Celia said...

What beautiful pictures. I love coming to work and seeing my grandson first thing in the morning. He makes my heart melt. I miss him can't wait to see him Friday. And the pictures you take of nature wow! love it. Thank you for sharing.