Friday, October 1, 2010

Belly Art!

You know what can make you feel much better at the "I feel like a balloon" stage of pregnancy?

Belly Art! It makes you feel special, and beautiful, like a walking piece of artwork :D

My Hubby helped me create a belly cast that will one day make a welcome addition to our bedroom wall art.... next to This One.

(I was a little shy to post the whole here is just the belly for now...)

and my very talented little sis came by for an evening of Belly Henna

Belly Henna is a bit of a long process that involves quite some time siting still (very difficult at 9 months preggo), but it is well worth the 2 -3 weeks that it stays with you! Mine lasted long enough to be captured in my "official" maternity photo shoot!!

You can find more from that photo shoot Here!

(Thanks again to my Hubby for being the talented one behind the camera!)

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