Thursday, March 10, 2011

My how time flies!

And oh how I have been neglecting this blog! As a fellow blogger so wonderfully sometimes gets lost in the details! Boy there are some major details happening here lately,

Kai is now 5 months old! He is the definition of a bouncy baby boy :)

CauĂȘ just had a major change, a new haircut (for those of you who know kiddo, this is HUGE!)



And for me, my newest project is keeping me very very busy.

But spring has sprung around here and new beginnings are all over the place.....I have even gotten a bit crafty!

Kitchen Curtains

and a raised bed for our garden

Yay warm weather!

(next up...a new springy banner :D )


jo ann said...

Love this post! Kai is amazingly beautiful. Big brother looks so handsome and grown up. I too mourned the long hair, but it definitely helped my big guy grow into being a big brother. So interesting how something so simple does that. Congrats to you all. Love, Jo Ann

Olivia Jean said...

I agree....after his haircut something changed :D Even the regression from after Kai was born started to ease up....thank goodness!