Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Veggie Juicing

I have always wanted to make veggie juice....but never had a juicer to do so...luckily I am silly and thanks to fellow blogger Sayward at Bonzai Aphrodite I now know that I do not need one!! woo!!

Here is my version of her tutorial

mmmm...fresh veggies....I used leftover Kale, cucumber, carrot, and an orange

Throw them all in the food processor with some water (I added some orange juice also)

and take them for a spin ;)

dump it all in cheese cloth (or like material) over a big bowl

and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! (just when you think you have gotten all the juice, squeeze some more!)

pour in to a glass (a funnel is helpful, but I don't have I lost a bit in the pour :( )

and omg....YUM! and ZING!

be sure to save the pulp (I am going to add it to our sunday muffins this week)

and LOOK, even big kids like it :D

in fact he liked it so much that he was in much distress when I told him I drank the rest - so we made do with a quick version with strawberries...

I feel great, kiddo loves it.....I think I'm convinced!


Sayward said...

Yay! That was awesome, and so wonderful that it got the kiddo approval. =D

Olivia Jean said...

thanks Sayward! I felt so good yesterday, I was bummed that I didn't have any left for today....gonna make sure that I have plenty from now on!

jo ann said...

Awesome! I too have wanted to juice lately but lack a juicer. I will try this...thanks!

Olivia Jean said...

It so easy Jo ann! you are gonna love it :D