Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Show and Tell (Part Two) & Recycled Legwarmer Tutorial!

This ones for the sista's! The sister in law had a big trip coming up to attend cooking school in Italy (ooohhh) so I wanted to make her something travel related, and small......and what did my search reveal? A perfect little set of a lingerie bag, shoe bag and passport cover, in (to me) Tuscany style ;)

Originally got the ideas here and here...

and for my littlest of sisters.....some coziness for the rest of the winter!

Re purposed sweater sleeves, into legwarmers!

Looks like a couple of happy customers to me :)

Here is a quick tutorial for the legwarmers...

Cut a strait line starting right at the underarm seam,

then fold over and zig-zag stitch the cut side (I do two rows of zig-zag because I am paranoid about unraveling :P). Its also helpful to scrunch the knit as you sew, otherwise you will end up with a splayed out cuff! (unless that is what you are going for...)

that's it! I told ya it was quick ;)

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